[OSGeo-Discuss] Possible CS-W Portal Opportunity

Breimyer, Paul - 0442 - MITLL paul.breimyer at ll.mit.edu
Mon Feb 3 06:48:03 PST 2014

My name is Paul Breimyer and I work for MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a government
research lab (FFRDC).  We are building what is effectively a secure CS-W
portal interface for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  I'm writing
to see if OSGeo might be interested in the portal if it were open sourced
appropriately.  As part of this work we reviewed GeoNetwork: the backend
services were well implemented, but we found the portal to be lacking
capabilities that were necessary (at least for our use cases).  There may be
an opportunity to enhance the GeoNetwork portal to facilitate broader
adoption of the CS-W  standard.  Please let me know if there's interest to
learn more.






Paul Breimyer, Ph.D.

Technical Staff, Surveillance Systems

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

(781) 981-0923 (work)

(781) 879-8675 (cell)

 <mailto:pbreimyer at ll.mit.edu> paul.breimyer at ll.mit.edu


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