[OSGeo-Discuss] [Election 2014] Nomination for Jukka Rahkonen

Jorge Sanz jsanz at osgeo.org
Wed Jul 23 14:54:10 PDT 2014

Forwarding Jukka nomination by Even Rouault


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From: Even Rouault
Date: 2014-07-21 20:35 GMT+02:00
Subject: OSGeo Charter Member Nomination:  Jukka Rahkonen
To: cro at osgeo.org
Cc: Jukka Rahkonen

Dear OSGeo community,

I'd like to nominate Jukka Rahkonen, from Finland, for OSGeo charter

Jukka is one of the few people who belong to several PSCs of our OSGeo
projects, namely Geoserver since 2012 and GDAL since 2013 (and among the very
few to make the bridge between the Java and C/C++ tribes !)

As far as GDAL is concerned, Jukka is one of our most active power users since
many years. You've probably noticed him many times answering to questions from
other users on the mailing list, testing bleeding edge trunk or doing precise
bug reports. It was a pleasure for me to finally meet him in person at
Nottingham last year.

Jukka is also involved into other OSGeo (or related) communities such as
MapServer, TinyOWS or Spatialite, which gives him a quite broad vision in the
geospatial field.

Jukka also maintains Finnish translations for OpenJUMP and Kosmo GIS and has
given a workshop on GeoPackage in the Finnish OSGeo seminar this year.

Geospatial professional services

Jorge Sanz

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