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Jorge Sanz jsanz at osgeo.org
Thu Jul 24 13:12:36 PDT 2014

Forwarding Pieter De Graef nomination by Dirk Frigne


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From: Dirk Frigne <dirk.frigne at geosparc.com>
Date: 2014-07-24 11:05 GMT+02:00
Subject: Nomination of Pieter De Graef as Charter member
To: cro at osgeo.org
Cc: managementsupport at geosparc.com, Pieter De Graef
<pieter.degraef at geomajas.org>

Dear CRO,

I'd like to nominate Pieter De Graef (contact data in cc) to be an
OSGeo Charter Member.
Pieter is an active member and chair on the PSC of the Geomajas project [1].
He also is a regular speaker on FOSS4G conferences, having a talk in
Cape-town (2008), Sydney (2009), Barcelona (2010), Denver (2011),
Nottingham (2013)
One of the presentations I could find back online was [2].

Pieter also is an advocate to implement open source solutions into the
processes of administrations. He is a project leader in some large
integration projects, completely based on open source. A nice example
of a public service can be found here [3] [4] among a lot of other

Pieter is also responsible for the geomajas section on the liveDVD and
is working hard to bring the usability of the framework to a level it
becomes very easy to adopt, without giving up on the original goals
and standards.

I work with Pieter almost 10 years together and I am happy to see he
is working really hard to spread the word of FOSS in his environment.
I asked Pieter to create an advocate profile asap

[1] http://www.osgeo.org/geomajas
[2] http://2013.foss4g.org/conf/programme/presentations/68/index.html
[3] https://www.dov.vlaanderen.be/bodemviewer/
[4] https://www.dov.vlaanderen.be/rubriek55/

Yours sincerely,

ir. Dirk Frigne

Geosparc n.v.
Brugsesteenweg 587
B-9030 Ghent
Tel: +32 9 236 60 18
GSM: +32 495 508 799


Jorge Sanz

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