[OSGeo-Discuss] [Election 2014] Charter Members check

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at osgeo.org
Mon Jun 16 01:11:48 PDT 2014

Dear Charter Members,

I will be the CRO for this year elections with the kind help of Jeff
McKenna as backup. It's my first year on this role for a general OSGeo
election so I hope I will count with your patience and collaboration.

This mail is to remind you that all Charter Members have been subscribed
to a hidden and private mailing list for the single reason of making the
CRO's life a little easier. As nominations and election start you will
receive notifications or updates through this mailing list.
[Charter-Members] is not a discussion list, is created only for
notifications and in emergency-mode so only the CROs will post.

I've just sent an e-mail to the [Charter-Members] list, if you haven't
received it (please check your spam folders), please let us know
immediately at cro at osgeo.org to correct it.

Best regards,

    Your CROs
on behalf of OSGeo

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas

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