[OSGeo-Discuss] Proposed process for selecting OSGeo charter members

Dimitris Kotzinos kotzino at csd.uoc.gr
Mon Jun 23 11:01:49 PDT 2014

Dear Cameron,

thanks for the reply and the comments to my previous e-mail. It also 
gave me a chance to revisit the rules around the charter members.
I was expecting this issue to be further discussed within the community 
and i am a bit disappointed with the evolution of the discussion, given 
the fact that the board will make a decision shortly.
I am happy that you agree with me in most of the cases; I should also 
point out that my comments aim at improving the voting process this year 
(why wait for the next) unless this year's decision does not accept any 
A few more comments:
-- Voting of charter members: I agree that in the rules is stated that 
the Charter Members are voting for new Charter Members and the board. 
Then maybe we should consider the members to vote (I think that this can 
be considered based on the bylaws)?
If we agree with the need to validate this kind of decisions from a 
larger body, then a solution can be found.
-- For the proposed changes and in the request for data to validate 
them; I cannot understand the comment that anyone who disagrees should 
bring up data that validate the current status. Usually the one who 
proposes changes should bring along some data to prove that the changes 
are needed and are in the proper direction. But for me there is no need 
since the last two years, whoever applied for Charter Member status was 
accepted. So I cannot see who was rejected.
So I still do not see where the need for such changes comes from and 
what exactly we expect to improve with this.

I think that the proposed process creates a small bias and mainly gives 
the message that the Charter Members do not vote wisely enough to let 
the breadth and depth of the Foundation Membership to be represented. 
And I think that this is simply not true. I am also afraid when a future 
board might decide to have the 3/4 of members ex officio and so on ... 
But this can be just me.
So no need to recycle the discussion, thanks again for the response - I 
am sure that the board will consider the fact that whatever objections 
come in good faith and I do trust that the board will take a wise decision.

Best regards,


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