[OSGeo-Discuss] Any one is interested in the support of GDAL for MongoDB?

Zhang, Shuai shuai at illinois.edu
Wed Mar 19 07:25:46 PDT 2014

Hi All,

Sorry to bother, but i think we need a mentor for the idea to have GDAL support MongoDB.

I noticed that GDAL has a CouchDB driver which is a good start to have GDAL powered by NoSQL Database Technologies. However, I think GDAL community should pay attention to MongoDB as well.

MongoDB, which has native support for maintaining geospatial data, using a document-oriented model, lies in fifth place in the DB-Engines Ranking (http://db-engines.com/en/ranking) of database management systems classed according to popularity and the highest rated non-relational system. From version 2.4 (released on March 19, 2013), MongoDB introduces Geohash indexes support for a subset of GeoJSON geometries including basic shapes like points, linestrings, polygons. And quite a number of partners related with big data, NoSQL, cloud, mobile and high performance computing join the MongoDB ecosystem.

I spent several years developing parallel geo-algorithms to tackle some geo-problems on the high performance computing platform, and had a burning feelings that we need a powerful and distributed spatial database to cooperate with the hpc environment running on the large scale Linux cluster. Unfortunately we don't have much choices in the GIS fields.  MongoDB and CouchDB may be a good ground to start with.

Perhaps, we should make GDAL spinning on MongoDB platform simply because it will prevent us from re-invent the wheel and get lots of GIS tools reusable to deal with the geo-info maintain in the NoSQL database, and enable the Open Source GIS Ecosystem powered by the advanced NoSQL database since GDAL servers as the foundation.


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