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R PEETT dpeett at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 24 04:26:37 PDT 2014

My name is David Peett. I am based in West Sussex and London
I work for The Myrtle Press
a publisher of books
We are interested in developing a commercial
offline app that uses mapping software.We
wish to be able to discuss this idea as to feasibility and implementation and
then to full application.
We will pay above minimum pay rate on a freelance
I have only very basic knowledge of software etc
It appears that the following skills are/may be
required and would perhaps suit a Computer Information Systems student or other
who can apply the following:
Knowledge of Quantum GIS / ArgGIS / Tile Mill /
PHP, CSS and Geoserver. Etc. (you don’t need to know them all)
Strong knowledge of MS Office Systems, MS Office
Systems, MS Access and VBA
• knowledge of Python; SQL and JavaScript Web App
Objective C
iOS native development
Experience of working with the AppStore and Apple’s
submission guidelines
Advantageous Experience:
• Mobile HTML5 platforms (e.g. PhoneGap, Sencha)
Basic Idea.
An offline vector map for road users which lists
points of interest with detailed information within pop up box on selected
I have talked to Ordnance Survey and looked at
OpenStreetMap. Also downloaded data from OS and tried to work within a GIS
programme - however to no avail.
It seems data is freely available from OS or
It appears that one should be able to build this
map by stripping out unwanted data from source providers to create a small app.
App needs to be as small as possible - hence vector
map. But need to consider ease of use and the look of map on screen with extra
info and battery power used when using app.
Map will mainly contain the main roads across UK(
M, A, B), other features of map not so important.
I realise there are a large number of offline apps
- Galileo ,  Garmin Street Pilot (420mb) , Navfree (618mb) . All appear to
be large or proprietary. And not all work as well as advertised
Please state any relevant experience
Thank you
David Peett
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