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Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Sun Sep 14 08:05:51 PDT 2014

FWIW I'm happy to hear that there was such a face to face discussion. I 
believe that open communication on the issues will be the best way to 
address the fears and find ways to move forward in the best interest of 
the overall worldwide community of people, businesses, institutions, etc 
who have a common interest in seeing free and open source geospatial 
software strive.

Keep in mind that we all come to this model of software development for 
different reasons (business, academic, philosophical, hobby, etc.), but 
in the end we're all working towards a similar objective, so there is no 
fear to be had, just different means of reaching a common objective, and 
since the result of everybody's actions is better free/open source 
software, everybody will benefit in the end.

Not sure if I was able to relay my thoughts properly... maybe I need a 
bit more sleep.

Cheers all


On 14-09-14 10:25 AM, Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> Guys,
> as long as I understand it: "some members of the community" are scared
> of LocationTech "taking over" whatever (FOSS4G conference, OSGeo
> projects and community). This can be based on real action, taken on
> either site, unofficial statement, misunderstandings or personal
> dislikes.
> Yesterday, we had short (about 2hours) face 2 face discussion with
> Andrew here in PDX (me, Vasile, Jeff and Gerald) and I personally
> believe, that it is not in interest of LocationTech to "crush" OSGeo
> or FOSS4G conference. It was clearly stated, that LocationTech would
> like to contribute to FOSS4G and make it to better conference,
> regarding (again) "some remarks" of "some members of the community"
> (including myself), that the way, FOSS4G is organised, does not
> necessary meet some of the community aspects, we would like to stress.
> I would like to note, that the discussion was very open on both sides,
> still calm and productive.
> "To contribute" of course means "to work" and LocationTech is anything
> but volunteer driven organisation. It has been stated, that FOSS4G-NA
> next year will be organised primarily by LocationTech, but OSGeo willl
> be represented clearly and (so to say) loudly.
> This could be one of the firsts steps towards closer cooperation
> between LocationTech and OSGeo.
> Everybody is aware, that on some points, LocationTech is not that
> good, as OSGeo currently is. OSGeo is certainly failing in other
> things. Looking for ways, how to strengthen common strengths and
> weaken our weaknesses should have "non-zero-sum" effect.
> We, as OSGeo shall later evaluate, whether the price for helping us
> LocationTech with conferences (regardless if on regional or global
> level), was too hight or quite ok. In case of disagreement, we shall
> try to find solution for the next time.
> In the worst case, we find out, that cooperation is not possible and
> everybody can go it's way than.
> I hope, you get my point(s) and that I did not misinterpreted
> anything, what was said.
> Thank you
> Jachym

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