[OSGeo-Discuss] Announcing the 2014 LocationTech Tour

Andrew Ross andrew.ross at eclipse.org
Thu Sep 25 07:55:15 PDT 2014

Dear Everyone,

For those that might be interested in speaking about their project, 
initiative, or just attending to meet others with common interest, we 
would like to invite you to participate in the 2014 Tour 
<http://tour.locationtech.org/2014/>. It is a federated series of global 
events featuring presentations on open source software and open data.

Nearly all of the events are free, and the tour is open to everyone. We 
would like to extend an especially warm invitation to people from OSGeo. 
We encourage people that wish to speak to propose their talk via. the 
Propose a talk 
link on the site. There's a local team in each city assembling the 
program and they'll get back to you.

Kind regards, and I hope to meet & see many of you again along the way.

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