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Piergiorgio Cipriano

MYGEOSS first call for innovative applications on the environment: Deadline
for submissions of 30th April is approaching!

MYGEOSS is a EU-funded project supporting the exploitation and awareness of
the GEOSS Data CORE in Europe and beyond:

The call is focused on the development of innovative applications (mobile
or web-based) of European relevance using openly available or
crowd-generated data in different domains. The pool of open data for use
includes, but is not limited to, the Data Collection of Open Resources for
Everyone (GEOSS Data-CORE, see below) made available by the Group on Earth
observation (GEO) through the Global Earth Observation System of Systems
(GEOSS), as well as open data from EU-funded projects.


*About the GEOSS Data CORE*"The GEOSS Data Collection of Open Resources for
Everyone (GEOSS Data-CORE) is a distributed pool of documented datasets
with full and open unrestricted access at no more than the cost of
reproduction and distribution" where:

   - "full access" means that all the data in the GEOSS Data-CORE can be
   accessed, used and redistributed;
   - "open access"means that data providers may charge at most the cost of
   reproduction and distribution of the data, although it is expected that in
   most cases the data in the GEOSS Data-CORE will be made available at no
   - "unrestricted access" means that no restrictions are placed on the
   access to, or use and redistribution of the data in the GEOSS Data-CORE.
   It should be noted that the following two conditions may be placed on data
   registered in the GEOSS Data-CORE by data providers (i) attribution and
   (ii) user registration.  These are not considered to represent restrictions
   on the access to, or use and redistribution of the data.

There are more than 5 million data resources in the GEOSS Data-CORE. They
are accessible from the GeoWebPortal: http://www.geoportal.org (from the
Home page, expand the Data Access Conditions and choose Data CORE).

Massimo Craglia

European Commission
DG Joint Research Centre
Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit

T.P.262, JRC, Via Fermi,
21027 Ispra (VA), Italy
Tel: +390332786269
Fax: +390332786325
massimo.craglia at jrc.ec.europa.eu

International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research
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