[OSGeo-Discuss] [OSGeo Elections 2015] Nomination for Marc Vloemans

Vasile Craciunescu vasile at geo-spatial.org
Sat Aug 29 01:05:43 PDT 2015

Forwarding Marc Vloemans nomination by Just van den Broecke.

Best regards,

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Subject: Nomination of Marc Vloemans as Charter Member
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 13:45:29 +0200
From: Just van den Broecke <just at justobjects.nl>
To: cro at osgeo.org

Dear CRO,

It is my pleasure to nominate Marc Vloemans as Charter Member for the
2015 elections.

Marc Vloemans is currently a board member of the OSGeo.nl Local
Chapter/foundation and member of the LOC for FOSS4G 2016. He is an
accomplished market developer cum evangelist for open spatial IT. As an
international presenter, lobbyist, writer, marketeer and entrepreneur he
has contributed to the dissemination of projects - such as PostGIS,
GeoServer and OpenLayers - among end-users and decision makers.

I am convinced that his technical-commercial qualities will complement
those present within the Foundation.

His advocate page is at:

Kind regards,

--Just - http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Just_van_den_Broecke

Just van den Broecke  just at justobjects.nl
Just Objects B.V.     tel +31 65 4268627 Skype: justb4
The Netherlands       http://www.justobjects.nl

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