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Vasile Craciunescu vasile at geo-spatial.org
Sun Aug 30 12:42:37 PDT 2015

Forwarding Yuichiro Nishimura nomination by Yoichi Seino.

Best regards,

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Subject: Nomination for Yuichiro Nishimura
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 09:20:33 +0900
From: Yoichi SEINO <say.no00 at gmail.com>
To: OSGeo Chief Returning Officer <cro at osgeo.org>
CC: nissy.yu at gmail.com

Dear CRO,

I would like to nominate Yuichiro Nishimura.

email: nissy.yu at gmail.com

Yuichiro Nishimura is a geographer and a teacher at university in Japan 
He is also the board member of OSGeo.JP and OSM Foundation Japan [3].
His research interest are time-geography, socio-economic geography,
GIS and society, critical GIS.
He is a very active user, trainer and promoter of OSGeo Software and 
Open Data.
He is often engaged in teaching OSGeo Software at several national and
international workshops.

I strongly nominate him as a Charter Member!

[1] http://nara-wu.academia.edu/YuichiroNishimura
[2] https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yuichiro_Nishimura2
[3] http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/nissyyu

Yoichi Seino
OSGeo.JP Board Member / OSGeo Foundation Charter Member

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