[OSGeo-Discuss] Just 1 month to go before FOSS4G NA 2015!

Andrew Ross andrew.ross at eclipse.org
Sat Feb 7 09:46:16 PST 2015

Hi Everyone,

(x-post to OSGeo & LocationTech discussion lists, please fwd to any who 
are interested, thank you!)

There is just one month to go before FOSS4G North America 2015 
<https://2015.foss4g-na.org> in San Francisco. It runs March 9th to 
12th. If you have not already, please don't forget to register 
<https://2015.foss4g-na.org/registration>! It is going to be a fantastic 

There are many activities organized in addition to the outstanding 
<https://2015.foss4g-na.org/conference/schedule/session/2015-03-09> and 
program talks 
This email details some of them.

For those interested in speaking about important projects or 
initiatives, the deadline to submit a poster or map 
<https://2015.foss4g-na.org/news/call-posters-and-maps> is February 23, 

You can now schedule Birds of a Feather sessions 
<https://2015.foss4g-na.org/news/submit-bof> to meet & network with 
other people with similar interests.

Interested in getting involved in a project? Consider coming to the 
hackathon - March 10th @ 19:00 <https://2015.foss4g-na.org/hackathon>.

On the evening of Monday, March 9th, we have chartered buses to take 
people to & from downtown Burlingame for dinner meet-ups 
<https://2015.foss4g-na.org/news/monday-dinner-meetup>. There are many 
nice restaurants in which you can meet & network with people with 
similar interests.

Kind regards, and hope to see you next month!

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