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Angelos Tzotsos takes advantage of one of the free individual membership
slots kindly offered by the OGC through our MoU [0]. As set out in our
guidelines [0] we kindly request a short note about what good things
OSGeo members have been able to do due through this agreement.

This is Angelos' short report (thanks for letting us know!):

During last year:
1. I (remotely) participated in some of the Catalog Working Group
meetings, discussing CSW 3.0
2. I have implemented OGC OpenSearch Geo/Time support in pycsw. This was
the first implementation at that time.
3. pycsw is in the process of implementing CSW 3.0. Being an OGC member
helps me to follow the changes of the draft specification documents.
4. I implemented and I am still maintaining CSW for data.gov
<http://data.gov> and geoplatform.org <http://geoplatform.org>, which
now also supports OGC OpenSearch

We currently have two vacant seats, so if you are interested and qualify
for an individual membership agreement please let me and Michael Gerlek
know so that we can evaluate your application and formalize the
membership. So far we have a first come first serve policy.


[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OGC_Membership

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Arnulf Christl - Director
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