[OSGeo-Discuss] Presenting the "Ráfagas"

Jorge Sanz jsanz at osgeo.org
Thu Jul 23 01:20:25 PDT 2015


For many months a very dedicated geogeek from Catalonia called Raf
Roset has been writing almost every working day an email to the
Barcelona and Valencia mailing lists with interesting links about many
topics related with geospatial (not just Open Source but also Open
Data and many other topics). We happily name them Ráfagas*.

Some time ago I started to translate it also everyday to repost them
on a couple Spanish speaking lists. Less time ago I started to
translate them into English to post them on a internal CartoDB mailing
list and I end up only doing the English translation for CartoDB and
Spanish lists.

You can check the last Ráfagas for example here:


So, my offer/question to this list is if you think it's interesting to
send them also here or maybe to a new mailing list. It's quite off
topic, but on the other hand every day there's a lot of cool stuff
being sent on those mails so it's a pity the are not spread all over
the internet. I can tell you that people in Spanish lists *love* the

We like this format of daily mails sent to a list because it
encourages discussion, way better than a blog. That's something we've
discussed a lot an we always end up confirming that this format is the

What do you think?

* Ráfaga in Spanish means a burst of shots and it's a doble joke
honouring also Raf :-)
** At some point we want to automatize the process as much as
possible, sending everyday these mails takes some time and the less
steps to do the job the better, but that's another story.

Jorge Sanz

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