[OSGeo-Discuss] How to quantify the economic impact of OSGeo software? Your help needed for a research article

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Tue Jun 2 06:54:00 PDT 2015

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> For example, reading through
> http://news.aag.org/2015/05/aag-seeks-proposal-authors-reviewers-for-new-ap-course-in-gist/
> i understand that  "In 2014, Esri announced a $1 billion gift of
> cloud-based ArcGIS Online software to support the Obama Administration’s
> ConnectEd initiative. This remarkable gift is providing free ArcGIS Online
> accounts to any public or private school upon request. " I am interested to
> understand how this $1 billion gift is calculated?  Can anyone
> knowledgeable on this provide the details of these metrics use for this
> calculation?

I don't know about their calculation but here is mine:

If I provide service for $100 per customer and I give the same service to
10 customers for free, I could claim that I donated $1000. But this would
be wrong. I need some money to run the service for the non-paying customers
and I need to get this money from the paying customers. Thus, the price
$100 already contains money to run the service for non-paying customers and
the gift $1000 is therefore overestimated.

Well, these are my two cents. Correct if I'm wrong.
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