[OSGeo-Discuss] new geoparser services

James Reid james.reid at ed.ac.uk
Wed Jun 3 01:57:52 PDT 2015

Brad - the API we have is designed to cater for both parsers in a 
generic fashion - so you can invoke either parser and have a (broadly) 
similar response. CLAVIN is already open sourced and also comes as a 
deployable VM I believe - the Edinburgh Geosparser is more complex as 
its bulit on a range of existing opensourced NLP toolsets as well as a 
bespoke pipleline. The code is available on request but the team lack 
the resource to support a full properly maintained open source release. 
For information, it was recently been used to geoparse a large corpus of 
literary texts for the LitLong project - litlong.org.

Hope that helps? Any questions please ask.



On 03/06/15 00:42, Brad Hards wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Jun 2015 04:14:33 PM James Reid wrote:
>> All, for those interested in geoparsers I'm pleased to say that we
>> (University of Edinburgh) have recently made updates to our free Unlock
>> Text service.
> Thanks!
>> We now support  2 separate geoparser engines - the 'Edinburgh LTG
>> Geoparser' and a modified Clavin engine. Details on both here:
>> http://edina.ac.uk/unlock/texts/
> Recognising that it has different focus to some of the existing parsers (some
> of which are linked off that site), do you think there is enough commonality to
> start thinking about a common API that could be used (with minimal, if any,
> changes) by various clients?
>> Comments direct to this list also welcomed in the spirit of trying to
>> improve our offerings...
> Are these intended to be a (possibly future) open source release?

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