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> This is false. Simply false. If people are abused out of a line of work until they quit, that’s not “women choosing other jobs” anymore than me walking into your house, punching you in the face until you leave then claiming “He abandoned it” means it’s not my fault.

BTW, I want to draw attention to the fact that this isn’t news. We’ve known this for a long time (the research below is from 2008), The problem is staring us the face, and a tremendous number of people in our community remain in denial about it. 

Please read:

https://hbr.org/2008/06/stopping-the-exodus-of-women-in-science <https://hbr.org/2008/06/stopping-the-exodus-of-women-in-science>
http://documents.library.nsf.gov/edocs/HD6060-.A84-2008-PDF-Athena-factor-Reversing-the-brain-drain-in-science,-engineering,-and-technology.pdf <http://documents.library.nsf.gov/edocs/HD6060-.A84-2008-PDF-Athena-factor-Reversing-the-brain-drain-in-science,-engineering,-and-technology.pdf>

Key quotes:

“Our research findings show that on the lower rungs of corporate career ladders, fully 41% of highly qualified scientists, engineers, and technologists are women. But the dropout rates are huge: Over time 52% of these talented women quit their jobs."
"So why do women leave science, engineering, and technology careers The answer comes in five parts. First and foremost, the hostility of the workplace culture drives them out. If machismo is on the run in most U.S. corporate settings, then this is its Alamo—a last holdout of redoubled intensity.”

I realize this study is US focused, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate that the US is any way an outlier in these matters.


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