[OSGeo-Discuss] Code of Conduct in Real Case

Charles Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Thu Jun 25 07:02:04 PDT 2015

OK, having been the one that unwittingly ‘lit the match’, here are my
concluding thoughts for use for the discussion in Seoul (and I agree with
Sanghee we should end this thread!)

1) This discussion was about the recruiting message and signals to the
world about who we are as a global community, on a critically important
venue – the flagship annual global conference, front webpage.

2) Organizations (even loose ones) do vetting of major recruitment material
to make sure the messages conveyed represent that organization or community
accurately.  That’s what some of this dialog was about.  In the future -- I
throw out the idea for consideration -- that it might be useful to consider
a pre-publishing comment period of any **major** recruitment material. The
goal is not to censure – but to gather reactions about message from our
global, multi-cultural community and to gauge whether there are
possibilities for misinterpretation -- across any culture -- and to solicit
ideas on how the messages conveyed can be improved.

3) Organizers of any single conference should have the freedom to weigh
these comments and then do what they think is right, given that particular
event is representing their particular culture and area of the world.

Two closing points.

-  I do agree with one of the last posts; in my view, in a time when the
world needs more positive global collaboration, OSGeo and FOSS4G lead the

- I want to publicly that Sanghee for his willingness to listen and
contemplate and again pass on my regrets that I didn’t pass on my own
personal misinterpretations of his content directly to him. He is a great
example of the kind of positive people who make up this community.


Charlie Schweik
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