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Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Thu Jun 25 15:45:52 PDT 2015

> There are other aspects to Seoul culture besides K-pop.  A montage of
>> several images showing a range of cultural aspects would de-emphasize the
>> "sex" aspect. ...
> For contrast, ~everyone on the planet would recognize Psy.
If you had a montage of other artists from the K-Pop scene (boy-bands, the
> gangman style guy, etc,
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_in_South_Korean_music) it would make
> your point in a completely non-controversial way. There's a lot of cool
> culture going on!

See?  Even if they don't know Psy's name...they know who he is.  :D

-- Pat

P.S.  Its a frequent, and puzzling, observation that in meetings or other
discussions, women's ideas get ignored or dismissed, but then if repeated
by a man, they are greeted with approval.  For more on this, see Deborah
Tannen's book "Talking from 9 to 5".  Apologies to David for using him as
an innocent example.  :D
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