[OSGeo-Discuss] OpenSource track GeoSpatial World Forum 2015

Just van den Broecke just at justobjects.nl
Mon Mar 9 05:22:26 PDT 2015


As OSGeo.nl Dutch Local Chapter [1] we have organized this track in 2012 
and 2013. I just saw: 26 mei in Lisbon [2]:

Good to see familiar faces :-). Anyone knows who in OSGeo or a local 
chapter is organizing this? Possibly they can update the Wiki [3]


--Just van den Broecke
Secretary OSGeo.nl

[1] http://osgeo.nl
[2] http://geospatialworldforum.org/sessions.asp?Sp_Department=Open%20Source
[3] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Geospatial_World_Forum

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