[OSGeo-Discuss] Monday is the Call for Workshop Deadline for FOSS4G Seoul 2015

Sanghee Shin shshin at gaia3d.com
Sun Mar 22 07:32:40 PDT 2015

Hi All, 

I would like to give you a reminder that Monday(23rd, March)is the deadline for the FOSS4G Seoul Call for Workshops. If you didn't submit application for your workshop yet, please submit your application through FOSS4G Seoul Workshops page.[1] 

International FOSS4G 2015 will take place from 14th to 19th in Seoul, South Korea. And FOSS4G Seoul conference might be co-hosted with SmartGeoExpo Korea - the largest geospatial event in Korea - at the same venue.(Not yet perfectly confirmed, however almost likely) FOSS4G Attendees can go to any talk or exhibition booth at SmartGeoExpo Korea without additional cost. 

This co-hosting, if confirmed, will give workshop teams very unique chance to promote their projects. This year, accepted workshop leader will get a 50% discounted full registration pass. 

Hope to see many interesting workshops here in Seoul in September. 



[1] http://2015.foss4g.org/programme/workshop/ <http://2015.foss4g.org/programme/workshop/>

Sanghee Shin, Chair of FOSS4G 2015 Seoul 
"Toward Diversity! FOSS4G Bigbang from Seoul!"
Twitter: @foss4g
Facebook: FOSS4G2015
email: foss4gchair at osgeo.org

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