[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo-fr will be present at the Paris Open Source Summit!

Yves Jacolin yjacolin at free.fr
Sat Nov 14 09:19:47 PST 2015

OSGeo-fr, which is the french speaking representation of the OSGeo Foundation, 
will hold a booth at the Paris Open Source Summit (POSS). This is an 
opportunity for us to present you geospatial project, hosted or not within the 
foundation, our work to translate documentation and website and finally our 
futur events organized by the association.

User or editor of open source geospatial solutions, are welcome to talk with 
us on our booth: what are your contributions plan? your future projects? How 
do you see the market of open source geomatics and its evolution? Would you 
like to join or sponsor the legal association OSGeo-fr? Or just to go to talk 
with us: be all welcome on the OSGeo-fr booth!

OSGeo-fr will organize several events in the coming months: meeting of QGIS 
users in Montpellier on 10 and 11 of December, FOSS4G-fr, the meeting of open 
source softwares and data  geospatial will be held in 2016. OSGeo-fr also 
works on the translation of the documentation of the QGIS, MapServer, PostGIS, 
GeoServer and GDAL-OGR projects!

'''About OSGeo-fr'''

The French speaking association, OSGeo-fr, is the representation of the Open 
Source Geospatial Foundation whose mission is to support and promote the 
collaborative development of open geospatial data and technologies. The 
association serves as a legal entity to which community members can contribute 
code, financial and other resources to ensure that their contributions will be 
maintained for public benefit.

The OSGeo-fr also serves as a reference organization and support for the open 
source geospatial community, and provides a common forum and shared 
infrastructure for improving collaboration between projects.

Participation is open to all of the open source community. All work of the 
association are posted on public forums which may invest a free community of 
participants. The projects of the OSGeo Foundation are all freely available 
and useable under an open source license certified by OSI.
Yves Jacolin

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