[OSGeo-Discuss] short report: annual osgeo.nl day 25 Nov. 2015

Gert-Jan van der Weijden - Stichting OSGeo.nl gert-jan at osgeo.nl
Sun Nov 29 06:30:43 PST 2015

Hi list, 


A short report on the 4th annual Dutch OSGeo.nl day, held on 25th of
November in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Just like last year the OSGeo.nl day took place as a side-event of the
general geospatial "GeoBuzz" conference. 


To our pleasant surprise (since there was not separate registration for the
OSGeo part) a significant amount of the participants found their way to the
2 parallel OSGeo tracks plus additional workshop.

Our two 60-capacity conference rooms were filled with 40 to 70 (yes, that's
more than 60!) participants. Roughly 1/3 third of them regular visitors of
OSGeo.nl events, the other 2/3 were "newbies" who visited 1, 2, of 3 of our
sessions. Especially the "GIS without a GIS Server: MongoDB" session by Bart
Baas was very well received.

The two 1.5 hour workshops ("QGis for other GIS users" and "Geospatial
Analyses with R" attracted some 25 people each, in a mix of FOSS4G veterans
and Open Source newbies.


In December we'll make up our Dutch minds whether we will continue to
organize our annual event as a side-event of a general Geospatial Conference
(with a focus on outreach) or that we will return to a self-organized
OSGeo-only event (with  focus on "the gathering of the tribes").


Presentations and pictures (in Dutch) will soon be available on



Kind regards, 



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