[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo/LocationTech relationship

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 09:14:52 PST 2015

I should probably read the rest of the email for context, a few personal
responses inline.

> Still i don't understand why LocationTech is pressing so much for
> collaborating with osgeo, or share events at least.
> I've never see this from ogc, apache, ICA or any other organization which
> has his own habitat.
This gets back to my point on doing a better (personal) job on
communication. I have not done the best job highlighting what LocationTech
is up to (not sure who reads blogs anymore).

LocationTech promotes open source spatial wherever it can. In 2014 I
participated in an post OGC meetup (Calgary), the Location Intellegence
conference (Washington) and the Locate conference (Canberra). In 2015 I
took part in more events including the Philadelphia code sprint.  Others
have attended GeoInt etc.. In addition LocationTech does have its own
conference (LocationTech Tour).

Specifically FOSS4G is not singled out as a conference, promoting open
source spatial software happens at a number of events (to a number of
audiences) world wide.

aside: Back when OSGeo was founded it also regularly attended conference as
an outreach activity). At the time I always remember checking which sponsor
were at an event and if we could borrow booth space.

> When you create LT you decided to build up your way from scratch, so why
> not just follow your paths and let the collaboration happens gradually and
> based on mutually agreed aims and mutual benefit?
I believe this is happening, this is partly why I relaxed on writing blog
posts. I think the foss4g bids with LocationTech as a PCO was part of that
natural collaboration.

> Why don't you draft a MOU to the osgeo community and board to understand
> your suggested area of collaboration so that it could be discussed or voted?
I think this was done, provided the link
earlier.  OSGeo is listed as a guest member of LocationTech, invited to
steering committee meetings (where marketing and outreach discussion is
decided on).

> This is to me the key aspect without with there could not be any "official
> work together".
See above, the official line of communication is open - the OSGeo
representative has not been present as of late. I have personally bridged
the hap on a few occasions (but am limited in my volunteer activities).

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