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Munich Orientation Convention volksnav at volksnav.de
Sun Oct 18 01:30:00 PDT 2015


Hello Jeff,


I'm deeply grateful that I've been invited to propose to this discussion
forum the possibility to let the Munich Orientation Convention be an OSGeo


So Burundian authorities could discover and prove the benefits of the
system. They have already effectuated the creation of the VolksNav S.a
www.volksnav.bi which will now be the local provider of better orientation
tools. VolksNav S.a will also produce maps with clock based search grids and
plans to reproduce all introduced systems in other African countries.
Investors are already knocking on the door.


The dominoes will fall from there, the Convention will be a de-facto
standard and OSGeo will have no relevance within this process.


I'd like to return the favor in 2016 as a sponsor. Would this be possible or
are there restrictions on that?



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