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Thank you Maria and Peter for this excellent development and warm welcome to our colleagues in IREA to "Geo for All". It is really impressive research you all are doing and we look forward to building more collaborations and synergies.

Best wishes,

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Dear All

We are very glad to announce the 103th Lab  of our network at  Institute IREA (Institute for
th Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment), of the Italian National
Research Council.

     Activities of IREA in FOSS are mainly related to researches in the
management of geo-based data and information, and in the development of
free and open software to enable storage, management, view and access to

     Only to cite their main initiatives, in the very last years their group
has created a software suite, called GET-It (GeoEnable ToolkIt) Starter
Kit, to enable environmental and marine researchers in the creation of
autonomous, distributed nodes of a Spatial Data Infrastructure,
uploading research results in the form of maps/observations (and related
metadata). GET-It supports domain researchers in the creation of OGC
standard services like WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW and SOS.
     GET-It is based on GeoNode, contains pyCSW, Geoserver and is
accessible on GitHub at the address

     GET-It contains also another open and free piece of software
developed by IREA, i.e. EDI, a general purpose, customizable,
template-driven metadata editor. EDI is composed of a backend web
service and an html5/javascript client. It can be customized for
managing the creation of different types of metadata. Once instructed
for a specific format, EDI can present to the users a web form for the
edition of metadata. EDI is mainly meant to help users in compiling
metadata not only supplying more human readable information than XML,
but also providing all the invariant part of the metadata (“profile”),
letting the user to concentrate only on the parts related to the
specific deployment.
     EDI is also accessible on GitHub at the address

     IREA is heavily interested in VGI and in crowdsourcing for Citizen
Science applications; in this sectors, IREA has been active in the
promotion of already available FOSS (such as Ushahidi and iNaturalist),
by tailoring and adapting to the ongoing projects and applications of
IREA, in particular in the ecological and environmental realm.

Welcome IREA, thanks Alessandro Oggioni to be the point of contact!
Happy day to everybody!
Maria and Peter

Prof. Maria Antonia Brovelli
Vice Rector for Como Campus and GIS Professor
Politecnico di Milano
ISPRS WG IV/5 "Web and Cloud Based Geospatial Services and Applications"; OSGeo; ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS AB; NASA WorldWind Europa Challenge; SIFET
Sol Katz Award 2015

Via Natta, 12/14 - 22100 COMO (ITALY)
Tel. +39-031-3327336 - Mob. +39-328-0023867 - fax. +39-031-3327321
e-mail1: <mailto:maria.brovelli at polimi.it> maria.brovelli at polimi.it
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