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Dan Ames dan.ames at byu.edu
Tue Oct 6 09:20:18 PDT 2015

+1 4 this comment: "a cool thing 2 do ten years ago"

Actually from an international point of view - and as OSGeo grows - I would
think that the 4 in FOSS4G raises more questions than answers since the
number 4 and the word "for" are only homonyms in English as far as I know.
The German words für and vier don't sound much a like and neither do the
Dutch words  voor and vier. And those are probably the closest matches. So
maybe it's a bit Anglo-centric to 4ce the 4 on people. For example, "for"
in Japanese, ための, sounds nothing at all like "4" in Japanese which to me
sounds like "yum".

Similarly, I doubt the Chinese pet shop, "52 Pets" would internationalize
very well.  By the way, does anyone know why 6 was afraid of 7? I suspect a
lot of people don't, just like I had no idea why my Thai colleague kept
texting me 555... But FOSS4G is an established brand now and brands are
hard to build and keep. So +1 for pressing forward with FOSS-yum-G...?

On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 9:24 AM Randal Hale <rjhale at northrivergeographic.com>

> I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. I will bring some fuel -
> diesel in honor of the largest car manufacturing plant near me (Volkswagen)
> It would strengthen the brand of OSGEO with a conference named the same.
> There seems to be a fairly large disconnect right now with the FOSS4GNA
> conference and OSGEO. That needs to be much tighter.
> Although I'm a bit of a stickler with Free and Open Source - I like the
> idea of going OS*Geo - *because that's what I do (at least in my case) -
> I use GIS and I do it with free and open source tools.
> +11 on having to explain foss4g and then dragging osgeo into it.
> Lets go one step further and talk to the Geo4all folks into saying
> osgeo4all.
> Randy
> On 10/06/2015 11:12 AM, Barry Rowlingson wrote:
> Okay, this is probably sticking a match under a pile of dry wood but
> here goes...
> Can we rename The FOSS4G Conference to The OSGeo Conference?
> Cons:
>  1. FOSS4G is an established brand
>  2. FOSS4G sidesteps the "Free" vs "Open Source" argument by including both.
> Counters to those:
>  1. Really? Perhaps amongst OSGeo people, but outside our sphere I
> have to expand the acronym and then go on to mention OSGeo.
>  2. Let's have that argument somewhere else, okay?
> Pros:
>  1. Puts the *Geo* visible, not tucked away as a G at the end.
>  2. Gets rid of the "4G", which may have been a cool thing 2 do ten
> years ago, but not now :)
>  3. Removes any confusion with 4G telecoms networks.
>  4. Clearly brands the conference as an OSGeo conference. Recent
> discussion about the prominence and significance of OSGeo to FOSS4G
> becomes moot.
>  5. Is easy to explain. The OSGeo Conference is the open source
> geospatial conference. See the OSGeo web site. Search for OSGeo. One
> acronym to remember.
> [I toyed with the idea that the conference should be called "OSGeo
> Live!" and renaming the OSGeo Live operating system disc as "OSGeoOS"
> but that might be a bit too much :)]
> So, this is the discuss list, discuss.
> Barry
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