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Hello Scott,


I like your questions. 


The most important is that the experts agree that r100 is a good and
consumer friendly Convention, at least for fast orientation purposes and as
an alternative to open squared systems or simply "here". The specifications
for this piece of a polar system could be:


1 - Name:



2 - identification letter: 

"r" as radius, 

lower case.


3 - value: 


which represents 100 "blocks of houses", 100 x 100 meters or 100 x 100


4 - color: 



5 - conversion from lat/lon

acc. known geodetic algorithms. 


6 - definition of urban pole: 

according list ., 

actually only on www.volksnav.de/mapplet. 


The definition of these relevant urban poles is a result of many years of
hard work and I claim intellectual property. Here the question could arise:
"do you prefer open or  optimal polar systems?". 

Does anybody know if the transition point NS/EW for post codes in London (a
strange mix polar/squared system ) is a relevant point? Please confirm: it's




The proposed specification didn't come from members but could come active
from OGC side. Where there is a will, there is a way: is there the
possibility to create a premium standard for premium members? This would
surely increase the number of members.




P. S.:  Openwashing:





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