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Hi Henrique,
It appears from your arguments that you are approaching the wrong people 
for support, and probably should be looking elsewhere.

On 21/10/2015 12:41 am, Munich Orientation Convention wrote:
> The definition of these relevant urban poles is a result of many years 
> of hard work and I claim intellectual property.
If you are looking to charge for the use of your IP, then that IP would, 
by definition not be included in an Open Standard, and would be a 
hindrance to the Open Source Community.

If you are looking to give away the IP, you still have to build up a 
groundswell of users wanting your proposed standard before there is a 
business case to switch. Just because it might be better (I'm not 
convinced, but you might be right) doesn't by itself attract users. The 
dvorak keyboard is better than qwerty, Esperanto is better than English, 
yet I am still writing English on querty keyboards.
>  is there the possibility to create a premium standard for premium 
> members? 
Not according to history. ESRI tried and failed:

This is the last email I'll write on this subject.

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