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Great news!
I think it should be an interesting exercise to investigate during a
code sprint or OSGeo event how different OSGeo projects can grow closer
to each other, without loosing the diversity between all the different
initiatives we host.

Having the support of these 'big' organisations supporting open source
software, and working together with small and medium enterprises and
developers seems an interesting new way of co-creation we should try to


On 23-04-16 20:25, Hogan, Patrick (ARC-PX) wrote:
> The world leading European Aerospace and Defence company, www.ThalesGroup.com, has now joined with NASA and ESA to advance WebWorldWind.  So the NASA-ESA team has another full-time world-class coder advancing this geospatial 'piazza,' well serving the NASA motto "for the benefit of all."
> We are very proud to be an integral part of gvSIG as well as OSGeo Live and also an OSGeo/GSoC project with one of Maria's great graduate students, Gabriele Prestifilippo (gabry501).
> https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/6273632556810240/#5900459751505920
> AND! Look for some spectacular results this year for the Europa Challenge in the area of OpenCitySmart. Teams are in progress! Feel free to join anytime.
> http://eurochallenge.como.polimi.it/
> The WorldWind path is ^all^ open source, no 'Pro' version crossing ahead.
> https://github.com/NASAWorldWind/
> -Patrick
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> Dear OSGeo, ICA, ISPRS Communities, and the GeoForAll mission,
> Some very exciting news will soon be shared with YOU! The good news is that GeoForAll progress is being made on multiple fronts, in ways that serve the core principles of the brilliant world-beacons provided by OSGeo, ICA, ISPRS and OGRS. Here is a brief mention for what you will learn more of soon.
> 1. The European Space Agency (ESA) has standardized on NASA WebWorldWind. Expect significant advances to this open source geobrowser, along with facilitated access to the Copernicus programme Sentinel data, for research and the needs of a greater European government community. Thank you ESA and Pier Giorgio Marchetti!
> 2. Extraordinary progress is being made on what was originally called the Global Earthquake Forecast System and is now referred to as Earthquake Signal Precursors (ESP). This will prove invaluable to the world. The monitoring systems (hardware) and entire communication infrastructure (software), are all designed and built as open source. Thank you TrilliumLearning and Ron Fortunato!
> 3. The city of Trento will be hosting the 'climax' to the 2016 Europa Challenge. This will include an all-expense paid invitation (lodging and meals, excluding travel) to the top three teams for a final three days of intense collaboration and all-out competition for the very best ^OpenCitySmart^ solution! Thank you Trento and Milena Bigatto! 
> 4. Look for a special Europa Challenge presence at the OGRS symposium in Perugia.
> 5. And more pleasant surprises!  ;-)
> -Patrick
> 'If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately' -Benjamin Franklin circa 1776
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>  http://2016.ogrs-community.org/
>  https://github.com/NASAWorldWind/
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