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Fully agree that it is the duty of all to try and contribute in thier own way for the benifit of the global community. RECTAS is very welcome to join Geo for All . Please contact the Africa chairs for info.

For the AARSE 2016 conference, i am ccing in Anthony Gidudu, Yazidhi Bamutaze,Hussein Farah and Serena Coetzee who will be able to suggest best way to make sure OSGeo is strongly presented in the main sessions. 

Anthony,  Yazidhi - please follow up this. It will be good if one of you attending the conference can present "Geo for All" at the conference. Thanks.

Best wishes,


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Hello everyone,

I'll try to give an answer or point of view on some pending questions

1- As for AARSE, i'm afraid i won't be able to make it to AARSEE this year, however if people attending are interested in discussing the topic, why not? as long as we are finding a way to move forward, i'm ok with that

‚Äč2- regarding the South(ern) Africa aspect, I believe it is the duty of each member of the Free and Open Source GIS software to try to be more present and contribute in his own way to the community. I think that there are people in SA who are very active in the development of QGIS (for what i am aware of) and maybe other software. It is kinda normal that they somehow catch most of the attention

3- On the aspect of the language. Well i don't personally consider it as an issue. Although it obvious that it will be difficult to organise a conference only in one language. But then there are translators, thus implying more costs. But if there should be an african chapter of FOSS4G, there is definitely a choice to do on the language aspect.
A possibility is to create regional nodes (Mahgreb, Eastern, Central, Western and southern) with their own specificities and choice of language. And all thoses nodes will be under the African FOSS4G.

I am very happy to see that the idea received all this consideration. So, if we all agree it is something that should be done, maybe we should start trying to put things in place gradually. Like duration, period of the year, hosting institution (i suggested RECTAS, but it is still a suggestion), etc.

I am still expecting more contribution from participants from the 2008 experience if they are in the list.
Thanks everyone

Gildas Jr

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