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Dear Manfred,

The projection finder project is not entirely clear to me, however, the suggestion for a new coordinate system database is indeed pertinent. This was referred in other addresses at the conference: spatialreference.org has not been maintained for several years; parts of proj4 are not, or poorly, maintained.

Besides a reference system database, it would also be quite useful to have a projection data base, including mathematical definitions, map sketches of their ouput and some clues or guidelines to its implementation (e.g. pseudo-code algorithms). This information is today very dispersed in the web.



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At FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn i talked with Venkatesh Raghavan about my poster presentation "SHAPEFILE PROJECTIONFINDER". URL to poster:

He recommended to start a discussion in this mailing list about the topic mentioned in the mail subject.

I also talked in Bonn with Petr Pridal about http://epsg.io. Some days before Bonn i wrote emails to Aaaron Racicot and the mailing list of http://spatialrefrence.org.

Please read first carefully on my website, what i plan to do:


There are two problems to solve before tools like SHAPEFILE PROJECTIONFINDER can be developed as a sustainable solution:

1. Until today there is no stable free service running like www.projfinder.com by Aaron Racicot, which can be used by all developers.

2. Until today there is no open source database which includes all coordinate system with epsg-code and additionally user and esri definded grids.

There are open source solutions like:

- spatialrefrence.org
- epsg.io

But in the detail both solutions have problems to update their database with low costs.

Maybe OSGeo can promote a stable service with load balancing on the base of an existing solution like epsg.io including Aarons idea?

Maybe organisation like UN, a university or EU (INTERREG) are possible project partners/sponsors for such a solution?

The goal is: Tools like SHAPEFILE PROJECTIONFINDER, a Q-GIS-Plugin or a mobile application can use a stable free gis-service updated daily and help gis users to solve projection troubles faster. I think gis users working not everyday with gis will be happy about this solutions?

What do you think about my idea?

Best regards,

Manfred Egger

Alois-Schrott-Str. 34
6020 Innsbruck

Web: http://egger-gis.at

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