[OSGeo-Discuss] FYI - Farma Valley Winter Fest, including community maps (Dec 17-18-19, Southern Tuscany)

Andrea Giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 22:54:05 PST 2016

*[apologies for the duplicate posting to those also on the ppgis list]*

Hello to all,

On Dec 17-18-19 we are organizing a "Winter Fest" in the *Farma Valley*, a
quasi-off-the-beaten-track site about 100 Km South of Florence (or some 200
Km North of Rome).

The primary focus of the Winter Fest will be on music, but we have a
significant presence of participatory mapping stories...some of these have
been advertised in the past on this list ...you might want to check out
www.pibinko.org and www.attivarti.org for a refresher, or check this short
paper [0].

Back to the upcoming event:

The Evening of Sunday Dec. 18 we will present the Beta version of the *Farma
Valley community map*. This work was initiated in early 2015, when we
decided to run in an international contest on location based games for
environmental education, and was then continued in various steps during the
past months.

We would like to launch the 1.0 version of the map before the end of the
Winter, so now is a good time to share the work in progress.

In the same evening we will also have the handover of some of the *night
sky quality monitoring sensors *we have been lending over the past nine
years to provide ground truthing data to the World atlas of light pollution
and to promote some of the "dark sky" areas in Italy [1].

On Monday, Dec. 19, our crew (with whoever wants to join) will gradually
glide from 442 metres above sea level to 10 metres above sea level
(Grosseto), where we will end our festival with an evening about
photography. Our keynote speaker will be Maurizio Bacci, the first person
in Italy to get an MSc in Environmental Engineering (this course was
created in 1981).

A English version of the flyer for the festival is available at:


The event, which was publicly announced last Sunday, has gained some media
attention: Il Tirreno, one of the two newspapers published in Tuscany,
dedicated almost one full page to the event, in its Grosseto edition, last
Monday [2].

The fact of getting media attention is not news (in 2007, with our first
project we ended up on Comcast Sports News [6]), but what is news is that
the event is being appreciated in its "holistic" approach.

The reporter also dedicated a specific box to the Community Map [3].

The festival will also act as the prelude for the next 12-18 months of
activities for pibinko.org, attivarti.org and the team helping to make
these projects work.

I would figure that most of you will not be able to attend, but I'd still
like to take the opportunity of the Festival to remind you that we are
always interested in establishing collaborations out of our "local site"

Best regards

Andrea Giacomelli

p.s. as an anecdote: Torniella, the main village in the Farma Valley is
also the main location where our first promotional video on GFOSS.it, the
Italian OSGEO Chapter, was shot, back in Dec. 2007...some of the actors you
see there are part of the core team organising the Winter Fest [5]

[0] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/310441845_INTEGRATING_CULTURE_
[1] http://attivarti.org/v2/participatory-night-sky-quality-monitoring/
[2] http://www.pibinko.org/il-tirreno-grosseto-edition-dec-
5-2016-a-winter-festival-to-discover-the-farma-valley/ The article is in
Italian, but you will make some sense of it...or if anybody would like to
translate this to English, I will be glad to credit the translator and
publish it...right now we are heads down on the operational parts of the
event, so keeping everything in two languages is not simple
[3] http://www.pibinko.org/il-tirreno-grosseto-edition-dec-
[4] http://www.pibinko.org/places/
[5] http://www.pibinko.org/riflessioni-sul-tematismo-on-freeopen-source-gis/
[6] http://www.pibinko.org/palla-21-a-chicago-e-ritorno-trailer-2/ ...at
some point
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