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Hogan, Patrick (ARC-PX) patrick.hogan at nasa.gov
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Venka and All,

For my two-pence, which won't even get you a cup of chai in Mumbai, I am not a fan of code sprints. Show me any lasting results of those events. As a former High School science teacher (almost 30 years ago), I sensed that real character development (and results) came from more serious application of efforts, the kind of project-based efforts that get accomplished by small teams over academic quarters or semesters of time. 

This is some of the thinking that went into designing the Europa Challenge that NASA runs in concert with Politecnico di Milano at Como. We certainly welcome any support our young champions might benefit from that the OSGEO Foundation might wish to provide. 

Whatever process there is for making the request, we would like to apply please. 

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Hi Mike,

I agree with you. My suggestion to spread out the code sprint was only to ensure that the community has some idea some idea when the sprint could be expected and when/how to request OSGeo Foundation for support.

I would like to see more an more code sprints (also incubation sprints etc.) being organized in the future being as and when the community finds it necessary.

I think, we only need to ensure that the procedure to request for support and guidelines to be followed are know to everyone in our community.



On 2/22/2016 3:07 PM, Michael Smith wrote:
> All,
> I don't think there is a reason to have code sprints coordinate their 
> times to spread them out over the year. They should run when they need 
> to run. We don't have a cash flow issue that would require this.
> And for the Paris Code Sprint, although a request was made, it does 
> not appear at this time that it will be needed with the carryover 
> funding and with the sponsorships.
> I firmly agree that Code Sprints are one of the more important things 
> that the foundation does and if there are worthy candidates for 
> funding, then I, for one, would like to see our budget expand to cover 
> these. What we have now is just an expectation based on past support, 
> but if new ones come along that meet our guidelines, I don't see a 
> reason not to support them no matter the time period or if they exceed our current budget.
> Mike
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>> Dear All,
>>   Considering OSGeo budget for 2016, I think, it could be
>>   possible to support 3 or 4 Code Sprints at similar
>>   sponsorship levels for each sprint as in the past.
>>   I would like to propose to have code spread across three or four
>>   periods across the year e.g Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec
>>   and have RFP's for code sprints just like we have for our annual
>>   conference.
>>   OSGeo Code Sprint in Paris starting from today (22 Feb., 2016), 
>> fits very well
>>   for the  first quarter of 2016. I see a great lineup of projects
>>   and participants for the Paris Code Sprint [1].
>>   Code sprints are an integral part of FOSS4G Conferences which is our
>>   largest gathering of users and developers. It will be appropriate that
>>   OSGeo Foundation supports Code Sprints at FOSS4G conferences as
>>   an official event for the July-September period.
>>   Best
>>   Venka
>>   [1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Paris_Code_Sprint_2016
>>   On 2016/02/20 18:07, Massimiliano Cannata wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> this is to acknowledge that there is a topic on discussion within 
>>> the board directors on assigning funds to sprint code requests.
>>> Up to now a request-voting-fund approach has been followed without 
>>> any specific plan.
>>> Since the board f2f meeting (thank you community for supporting that 
>>> as i believe it was an enormous opportunity for OSGeo to speed up 
>>> advances and was so fruitful) a budget has been draft and resources has been allocated.
>>> With this mail I would personally like to ask a few questions the 
>>> different
>>> communities:
>>> - who is intended to present a fund request for sprint code in 2016. 
>>> This will give an idea of the number of expected requests.
>>> - do you have preferences on criteria for assign resources and 
>>> eventually what is your choice motivation?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Maxi

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