[OSGeo-Discuss] [OSGeo-Conf] Overview of all current FOSS4G conferences

Andrea Ross andrea.ross at eclipse.org
Tue Jan 5 11:42:11 PST 2016

Dear Cameron,

Yeah, as you note, sadly blip.tv changed their business model and even 
though FOSSLC was paying for hosting, they simply stopped offering the 
service altogether, and the videos went off-line. This was actually 
years ago and very few people noticed.

I went back to a backup archive to restore some particularly noteworthy 
& timeless videos that people requested and upload them to YouTube. I 
don't want to promise to do others as candidly the same effort applied 
elsewhere is much more benefit.

Peter's group has been in touch with me regarding FOSS4G videos I have 
recorded as well as other conferences I have recorded such as BSDCan, 
PGCon, EclipseCon, and others. It looks very likely that moving forward, 
at least for the ones I'm involved with in some way, they'll be both in 
YouTube & the TIB archive which is great.

Kind regards,


On 05/01/16 04:31, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Hi Andrea,
> Back in 2009 you did an excellent job of coordinating videoing of 
> FOSS4G. Looking back at video links from the conference program[1], it 
> seems the videos stored on blip.tv have suffered from link rot, and 
> are not available any more.
> I don't suppose these videos are still available somewhere? And if so, 
> are we able to make them available to Peter Lowe?
> http://2009.foss4g.org/presentations/
> On 5/01/2016 4:30 pm, Sanghee Shin wrote:
>> Dear Peter,
>> Thanks for your initiating this.
>> I’ve added 4 past FOSS4G Korea conferences there[1] and I included 
>> discuss list here to attract more interest and participation from all 
>> around the world.
>> Happy new year. 새해 복 많이 받으십시오.
>> Kind regards,
>> 신상희
>> [1]https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Global_conferences_overview#Republic_of_Korea 
>> ---
>> Shin, Sanghee
>> Gaia3D, Inc. - The GeoSpatial Company
>> http://www.gaia3d.com
>>> 2016. 1. 2., 오전 1:31, Peter Löwe <peter.loewe at gmx.de> 작성:
>>> Dear all,
>>> this is a follow up to the discussion in the conference list in late 
>>> December regarding the lack of a concise overview over all OSGeo 
>>> conferences.
>>> I set up a preliminary page for all OSGeo conferences here:
>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Global_conferences_overview
>>> It would be great if this information could be edited and extended 
>>> by the community, as the tables are far from complete. Conference 
>>> proceedings and videos have been listed whenever possible.
>>> Please note this: The German National Library of Science and 
>>> Technology ("TIB") (my employer) is collecting video recordings from 
>>> a growing number of OSGeo conferences as part of the developing 
>>> technological heritage. These videos are long term preserved as a 
>>> free service and can be watched, searched, downloaded and cited via 
>>> Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) by everybody. Links to already long 
>>> term preserved video content is included in the tables.
>>> Happy new 2016,
>>> Peter
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