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Eduardo Pereira edu_vcd at hotmail.com
Sun May 1 08:16:46 PDT 2016

Hello OSGeo community,

I'm currently part of team that is developing a free and open source program with focus on fast classification of drones images. To achieve this we are going to use the objects and attributes from OBIA approach, Machine Learning and algorithms to auto tune the segmentation parameters. And also a batch mode for replicate the results for others images. If someone know a project like that, please message me, we would love to check it.

We already have the metodology working, but before starting code it we want to search all the open source libraries and program that works with Digital Image Processing. Doing so we hope  the program be up to date with all the capabilities that the open source have and get better results too.

We are trying to list all the libraries and programs that work with image processing, even if the program is been developing or not have the capabilities that our project need.  This is the currently list we have:


- Optiks

- Terralib

- Orfeo Toolbox

- OpenCV


- InterIMAGE

- Grass


- GeoDMA

- TuiView


I'm sending this e-mail to check if someone know other program/library that isn't on the list, we would love to know and certainly gonna check with care the suggestion.

Thanks for the help!

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Best regards,

Eduardo G. S. Pereira

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