[OSGeo-Discuss] librttopo-1.0.0 released

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Thu May 19 00:45:40 PDT 2016

Release 1.0.0 of librttopo is ready for download:
(MD5 31b0c3fd80e92fc7a68ba16006aeba8b)

This is the first public release of the library.

The RT Topology Library exposes an API to create and manage standard
(ISO 13249 aka SQL/MM) topologies using user-provided data stores
released under the GNU GPL license (version 2 or later).

The code is derived from [PostGIS](http://postgis.net) liblwgeom
library enhanced to provide thread-safety, have less dependencies
and be independent from PostGIS release cycles.

The RT Topology Library was funded by "Regione Toscana - SITA"
(CIG: 6445512CC1), which also funded many improvements in the
originating liblwgeom.

Official code repository is:

Happy cleaning ! :)


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