[OSGeo-Discuss] [Incubator] Should OSGeo accept "benevolent dictator" projects into OSGeo?

Johan Van de Wauw johan.vandewauw at gmail.com
Tue May 3 01:05:20 PDT 2016

Hello everyone,

First of all, I'm a bit disappointed that this issue is only raised
now, when the final vote for graduating is taking place. For the
future I think it should be clearer for projects what rules have to be
obliged much earlier.

Just this week, in another conversation I mentioned that you need
rules for when things go bad, and not when things are going well
(which luckily is the case for Rasdaman). So I think we should focus
on what resolution we want when things "go bad".

It may be my knowledge of English, but I'm not sure how I should
understand: "Should such consent exceptionally not be reached then
Peter Baumann has a casting vote".

If it means that if the PSC reaches 50% - 50% or a lot of abstintent
voting, Peter can take the decision, then I think it is a logical rule
and I see no issues with it.

If it means that if a majority of the PSC votes for the proposal that
it can still be overruled by Peter Baumann (or the chair of the PSC),
then I'm against it. I do believe that would be an unlikely scenario
but at such a time I don't think we can still call it an OSGeo project
at that point.

Kind Regards,

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