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Dirk Frigne dirk.frigne at geosparc.com
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I think the mail of Jeroen is a good testimonial, many small business
owners can subscribe.

> OSGeo is an organisation of people. Not of sectors or groups or parties.
> Of course people belong to categories and this tend to influence the way
> they see the world. For this reason people tend to contribute to the
> community for their competence and interest within committees or working
> groups. 
The advantage of being an organisation of people, is that we can come up
for our individual values. Discuss them and act upon them. Together we
are able to change the world! The organisations we are all individually
part of will follow, so I do not agree with your next statement:

It is not the mandate of OSGeo making lobbies or acquire
> mandates.

I think it is our duty to act as an organisation and defend the values
we stand for, which are described here:

 To me OSGeo should get together great projects and people to
> offer the world the possibility of advance and improve the life of
> people. I know It is a bit exaggerated but when i think of open source i
> see it as a mean of equity: like making  accessible food and sanitation
> and drinking water and medicine to everyone in the world. Making tools
> for a better governance available to all.
> OSGeo is about mutually sharing experiences, ideas, solutions not
> building business. For this LocationTech which is a community of
> companies / entities I understood is more suited.
> So my vision is OSGeo focused on people not on companies or groups.

> Splitting the community is not an advancement but a loss of value.

I don't follow your statement that delegating work to (f.i. a marketing
committee) or the local chapter FOSGIS focussing on the german language
and regional activities, is splitting up the community, in the contrary.
So will a local chapter for NA or for EU not be a loss of value, but a
way to reach out to these parties which are better addressed by these
local initiatives.

In my vision, if we respect the values of OSGeo as an inclusive
organisation, we should enlarge our community with people with other
skills than software development skills and we should also set up and
maintain relations with other organisations, so we can come up for the
values we stand for and create a stronger OSGeo.

I fully subscribe the idea to go for low subscription fee's.
I think it is a great accomplishment if the local chapters could
organise their FOSS4G conference for free, as we did in Belgium last year.

Thanks to the sponsors!

my 2€c

And with you
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