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Benoit Fournier ben.fournier at gmail.com
Tue May 24 03:38:02 PDT 2016

Hi Johan and all,

I have been involved or simply attended a few conferences, in
particular OSGeo-FOSS4G France/Europe/World and OSM-SotM France/World.
I would like to comment on the cost and comparison of the different events.

TL;DR: I feel like FOSSDEM and State of the Map are in the same
category, "volunteer/community event". FOSS4G is not.

More inline.

> Some of the other reasons that FOSDEM can be organised for free may
> nevertheless apply to FOSS4G:
> 1) It is held in a weekend. [...]
> 2) There is a large crew of volunteers at FOSDEM. [...]
> 3) Food. Food is not supplied by the organisation. [...]
> Anyway, OpenStreetMap is hosting state of the map this year in Brussels.
> [...]
> prices: 75 euro (early bird rate) for "community members" and a
> regular ticket of 180 euro (early bird, ending today - grab one if you
> intend to go!).

(early bird is not closed yet, but do grab one anyway!)
(and look for local FOSS4G event in Brussels too...)

A few reminders if I may, to compare the costs from the point of view
of an attendee:
FOSDEM: event for ~5000 ; 2 days ; no food included [0 EUR]
SotM-local France: event for ~200 ; 3 days + lunches and drinks [10 EUR]
SotM-global Brussels: event for ~500 ; 3 days&hackday + lunches and
drinks + 1 social evening event dinner [0 EUR scholarship / 75 EUR
community / 180 EUR professional]

Considering food and dinner (included or not), I very much feel these
events are in the (same) 'ballpark', that is to say with comparable
cost and quite easily accessible to community members.

FOSS4G is different, a more professional conference, or with less
support from sponsors.
FOSS4G-global: event for ~500+ ; 3 days&hackday + lunches and drinks +
Ice Breaker + Gala Event with dinner [590 EUR, what about

> I should note that 75 euro still is a threshold even for some of the
> Belgian contributors of OpenStreetMap to join, something to consider
> in a world where hourly rates often exceed that.

Very true, community contributors in OpenStreetMap are not professionals.
Because of that and following early feedback about the "high price 75
EUR", even with food included for everyone, SotM propose also ways to
get in for free (scholar/volunteer).

Free food for thought.
Happy to discuss this further if you want a half-internal,
half-external point of view.

Best regards

OpenStreetMap France, OSGeo-FR

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