[OSGeo-Discuss] Inputs invited for "The need for National level strategy for Open Principles in Geospatial"

Jonathan Moules jonathan-lists at lightpear.com
Tue May 31 03:53:40 PDT 2016

Hi Suchith,

"1. How much (roughly) is the UK government (central/local government etc) spending in buying properitery GIS licences for the last 10 years (2005-2015)? Is there any plans for on savings target for the next 10 years ?"

I'd suggest at least for central government the solution might be to simply ask by way of an FOI request. I'd guess the "Crown Commercial Service" (just guessing it's them) - They can be asked easily through here:

Otherwise I guess it'd be trawling through: https://data.gov.uk/data/openspending-report/index (maybe get a student to do some scraping?)

Local government is harder without asking each authority individually and/or finding their pages then scraping them. Open Data doesn't mean Easy Data. :-/

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