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This is also nice thing to put up as a news item on the osgeo blog.

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On 17 November 2016 at 03:03, Suchith Anand <Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk>

> Thank you Maria, Maxi  for this excellent initiative and updates.
> Nikos - Please have this report added to our next month newsletter with
> few photos etc of the event (Maria, Maxi  - please send this to Nikos when
> you get time).
> Happy PostGIS Day   :-)
> Best wishes,
> Suchith
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> Dear All
> I'm just back from the 2nd Workshop of UN Open GIS Initiative, which was
> organized within a more general Symposium about Technology in Peacekeeping.
> This choice was excellent because gave  the possibility of presenting OSGeo
> and GeoForAll to a broader audience.
> UN Open GIS proceeds speedily and some pieces of solution were presented
> both by the Korean and Boundless teams.
> Moreover Sanghee Shin, one of our Directors,  has been nominated Chair of
> the Technical Advisory Group.
> In few words, the Workshop was intense, tiring but very positive.
> We concluded  with a webinar which will be available within the GeoForAll
> Series (thanks to Rafael Moreno and David Alvarez from ASPRS).
> Below a more detailed report.
> Regards,
> Maria
> Updates on UN Open GIS Initiative
>  From 7 to 11 November 2016 the Third International Partnership for
> Technology in Peacekeeping Symposium, hosted by the United Nations
> Department of Field Support (DFS) in cooperation with the Seoul
> Metropolitan Government, was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea at the
> Seoul City Hall.
> The Symposium brought together a wide range of actors to explore
> collaborative partnerships and projects to enhance information and
> communications technology (ICT) efforts in the following targeted areas:
>    *   Geospatial Information and Situational Awareness
>    *   Protection Technologies: Sensors, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
>    *   Innovation in Information and Communications Technologies
> OSGeo was invited to the Symposium as one of the partners of the project
> UN Open GIS. Maria Brovelli attended the meeting on behalf both of the
> OSGeo UN Committee and GeoForAll (Educational outreach of OSGeo).
> UN Open GIS Initiative is a project aiming at identifying and developing
> open source geospatial software and services that meets the requirements
> of UN operations, taking full advantage of the expertise of mission
> partners including partner nations, technology developed by contributing
> countries, international organizations, academia, NGO’s, private sector.
> The members of the UN Open GIS Initiative are composed of:
>    *   Contributors: any organization who agrees with the objectives of
> the UN Open GIS and actively contributes to the UN Open GIS Initiative
> in terms of financial, materials, solutions, technologies, or human
> resources. The Contributor membership shall be decided by the Strategic
> Board.
>    *   Observers: any individual person or organization who agree with
> the objectives of the UN Open GIS and participate in the UN Open GIS
> Initiative activity. The Observer membership shall be granted by the
> Strategic Board.
> The governance structure of the UN Open GIS Initiative comprises of:
>    *   Strategic Board, consisting of representatives from each
> contributor where each contributor nominates one representative to the
> Strategic Board. OSGeo and GeoForAll are part of the Strategic Board.
> Maria Brovelli represents there GeoForAll, OSGeo Educational Outreach
> and Massimiliano Cannata the OSGeo UN Committee.
>    *   The Strategic Board is responsible for deciding goals, strategic
> planning, creation of new Working Groups, called “Spirals”, election of
> co-chairs, appointment of technical advisory group members, requirement
> advisory group members, and assessment team members.
>    *   Three Co-Chairs (one appointed by UN and two elected among the
> Strategic Board members: ) and Secretariats
>    *   Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
>    *   Requirement Advisory Group (RAG)
>    *   Assessment Team (AT)
> - The Spirals, i.e. the Working Groups, which at the moment are the
> following:
>    *   Spiral 1 – UN Open Geo-Portal (started March 11, 2016) led by
> Anthony Calamito (Boundless)
>    *   Spiral 2 – Capacity Building (started May, 2016) led by Maria
> Brovelli (OSGeo and GeoForAll)
>    *   Spiral 3 – Geo-Analysis (started March 11, 2016) led by Hae Kyong
> Kang (Republic of Korea)
>    *   Spiral 4 – Data Acquisition (started March 11, 2016) led by
> Ki-Joune Li (Republic of Korea)
> OSGeo and GeoForAll have been contributing to several aspects of the
> projects. The main contribution for sure has been that related to
> Capacity Building.
> Up to now people of OSGeo and GeoForAll have helped in selecting and
> revising already existing training courses about the basic geospatial
> tools of interest for the UN Staff supporting the peacekeeping mission,
> who are the staff we are in contact with. A survey provided to the UN
> staff showed that they are primarily interested in QGIS, PostGIS,
> GeoNode, Geoserver and Openlayers.
> We are therefore organising self-paced training courses, assisted by
> tutors of OSGeo, GeoForAll and other entities, like GeoAcademy and
> Boundless, and offered using the e-learning platform of Politecnico di
> Milano.
> We have been planned 4 editions of QGIS GeoAcademy (we are currently at
> the second edition) and 2 editions of PostGIS Boundless (starting from
> January, 9 2017).
> Totally around 80 staff of UN will be trained in using QGIS and around
> 30 in PostGIS. Next year we will go ahead with the other software.
> Spreading the usage of Open Source software also within organisation as
> UN is one important point for OSGeo and that is the reason why the Board
> has chosen to put a so great effort on this initiative.
> Apart from the Capacity Building OSGeo will willingly work for
> incubating the software that will be available under the umbrella of UN
> Open GIS. This will ensure its quality and will give sustainability to
> the project itself.
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