[OSGeo-Discuss] Wrong URL for ORFEO ToolBox on osgeo.org

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Jul 20 06:26:54 PDT 2017

Hi Manuel, please see below for the full update that I had sent earlier 
today to the Board list, please verify the urls and let me know:

The OSGeo homepage now lists Orfeo ToolBox as an OSGeo Project. 
Congratulations to the OTB team!!!!  And thank you to Landon for 
mentoring.  I have also updated the Incubation wiki, as well as the 
OSGeo Wikipedia page.  Manuel: please let me know if you need help 
updating any other pages with this big news.


Jeff McKenna
President Emeritus, OSGeo Foundation

On 2017-07-20 1:58 PM, Manuel Grizonnet wrote:
> Hi all,
> just noticed that the OTB link on osgeo.org main page is wrong (it leads 
> to an old OTB blog post). The correct URL is:
> http://orfeo-toolbox.org/
> Thanks in advance,
> Manuel

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