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Technically, former Teacher-In-Space astronaut Ron Fortunato's www.AWorldBridge.com<http://www.AWorldBridge.com> program is multiple labs in one. So his labs are working in concert. This WorldBridge enterprise involves multiples High Schools and at least one University. Ron has these 'labs' collaborating with each other building truly powerful apps.

An interface to experience the UN's World Heritage Sites:

And urban infrastructure management tool:

And he is also working with the UN/FAO on a web app to monitor a major North African infestation of the Armyworm, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fall_armyworm

Everything Ron does is all OpenData, OpenSource and OpenEducation.

(650) 604-5656 (o)
(650) 269-2788 (c)

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Thank you Jeff for this call . Many thanks to everyone who contributed to Geodata over the years.

Please do not dissolve this committee. Let us work to reactivate this committee with more interested colleagues . I would like to volunteer to work for OSGeo Geodata Committee for linking ideas with the education aspects of Geodata. Just this month Charlie Schweik has given call in GeoForAll to identify 2-4 collaboration projects by at where at least 2-labs are collaborating on open access educational content they want to develop over 2018 and I think working on a project on GeoData aspects will be a great opportunity to link the education community ideas for this. So I will follow up this using geodata as an example and try to get colleagues in various GeoForAll labs working on this to come together . I am sure working together we can make this happen.

Best wishes,


[1] http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/geoforall/2017-November/004311.html

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Dear OSGeo community,

We are all aware of how important Open data is for our community, and
for the mission of OSGeo. Most of you are aware that the OSGeo
foundation has a committee dedicated to this, called the Geodata
Committee; however the reality is that this committee is quiescent/not
active/at rest, as its mailing list has not really been used since a
message was posted in May of 2015 (which no one answered actually).

The Geodata Committee is still listed as a working committee on the
OSGeo website, and points to a page[1] that contains the mailing list
and the wiki. The mailing list has 387 members, and the archives go all
the way back to March of 2006. Back in those days, the committee would
meet regularly on IRC and it was very vibrant (thanks to Jo, Arnulf, and
the many early visionaries pushing forward and sharing).

More recently, there was a "reboot" push for this committee around 2012,
and also another one in October of last year. Of course there were
likely many other attempts, but those are the ones that come to mind.

We believe that open data is even more critical to the mission of OSGeo
today, and a strong relationship with the various data communities is
important for the health of the ecosystem. We also look to the massive
success of GeoForAll for sharing the passion for education and Open as a
great example of what we can all do together.

Would you be willing to help revive the OSGeo Geodata Committee? It
would be great to hear more thoughts and ideas on this. It does not
seem right to dissolve the committee; in fact we want the opposite to occur.

Thank you,

Maria, Codrina, Vasile, Jeff on behalf of the OSGeo Board of Directors

[1] http://www.osgeo.org/content/projects/geodata.html

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