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nicolas bozon nicolas.bozon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 14:48:03 PDT 2017

It is my honor to nominate Jeff McKenna for the OSGeo Board of Directors

Most of you knows Jeff's energy and passion for everything OSGeo, and i
would probably be mistaken trying to summarize his countless contributions
over the years, at every level of our Foundation. His leadership and long
involvement in the OSGeo and FOSS4G communities made him the Winner of the
Solz Katz Award in 2016, and i cannot add more. For those of you who may
really not know Jeff yet, the User:Jeff_McKenna wiki page is a good read
before you vote.

Jeff already served three times at the board and has a deep understanding
of both the director role and the current OSGeo strategic plan. Experienced
with OSGeo governance and bylaws, Jeff also knows a lot about projects and
people. He is always ready to help build locally and to represent globally.

Jeff is a great communicator and enthusiastic community leader, and i
believe he will be an excellent OSGeo director again. Please let us all
welcome Jeff back at the Board!

Best regards,

Nicolas Bozon

Jeff McKenna agreed to be nominated and i decided to send the nomination
directly to the Discuss list with cc to CRO, so it avoids Jeff to confirm
to himself that he accepts the nomination. The Board Nominations page still
need to be updated, could you please Vasile ? Sorry for shortening the
nomination process in this special case.
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