[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Members: What kind of an OSGeo Board do we want?

MarĂ­a Arias de Reyna delawen+osgeo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 00:06:22 PDT 2017

>    - All candidates - what role, specific topics would you like to work
>    on within the board and why? what do you hope to contribute and achieve in
>    the next 2 years?
> I think this is answered here on the Manifesto:

   - Promoting diversity (geographical, ethnical, cultural and gender)

I know I have some privilege-blindness here as I am a highly educated
"white" binary-gendered female-born living in an european country. But
still, as president of a WIT association that is already improving
diversity in my region, I think I can push OSGeo a bit forward and help
introducing more diversity until I crash into my ceiling glass of

   - Promoting FLOSS

I would like to go back to the free/open discussion, as making sure our
contributions are reusable and useful should be one of the core goals of
OSGeo. If we become too lax on the open definition, we may end up promoting
closed software that only helps the owner of the source code, not the

>    - If there was only 1 thing you could change in the next 2 years what
>    would it be?
> This is a difficult one. I hope I don't really have to choose in the end.

But I think the diversity one is the one I would change. Because diversity
will also bring more quality, which means better forms of collaboration,
affecting incidentally the other goal.

I would hope that the freedom promotion can hold two years more without me,
specially because I know there are very good advocators fighting this war
already and it is a mid-term battle, not a two-years battle.

> May the FOSS be with you all

May the FLOSS be with you!
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