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Wed Oct 11 16:39:09 PDT 2017

First my respect to all candidates who have stepped forward, and to the
charter members who have an important decision to make. I am happy to field
and question, please reply to this email thread, or send me a private email.


In response to Steven's questions:

*1) If you are standing for re-election - what roles have you taken in the
last 2 years? what do you believe you have achieved and what has not worked
as well as you hoped?*

Wait is that two questions :)

We asked for a directors update at the Paris F2F meeting to allow directors
to account for their service in 2017 (and to make the AGM shorter). Here is my
response from that meeting

   - wanted to focus on projects, ended up focusing on buisness and outreach
   - sponsors reboot with jeff mckenna. Year 2 it is working, we will have
   to check if it is a success in year 3.
   - website/rebranding - got frustrate with f2f goals being held up last
   - theme identify gaps in our oragnization and start an activity to
   attract volunteers
   - theme move work and responsibility to committee (see discussion below)
   rather than ask everything of board volunteers
   - Discussion - hard to keep track on committees

*2) All candidates - what role, specific topics would you like to work on
within the board and why? what do you hope to contribute and achieve in the
next 2 years?*

This is covered more detail on on the wiki manifesto

   - To clearly address questions and decisions brought to the board in a
   timely fashion
   - Double check our organization is firing on all cylinders - using our
   goals <http://www.osgeo.org/content/foundation/about.html> as a guide to
   ensure we are not missing anything

My interest in seeking re-election is two fold:

   - I feel I am making a positive contribution to our community in the
   role of a director and wish to continue to serve in this capacity if
   - There are a number of outstanding activities and challenges to meet
   that I feel embarrassed to leave to the next board

Looking ahead:

   - Increased transparency, communication and respect - I think it is the
   key to working together.
   - We can do a better job of celebrating our community members; with
   increased recognition, visibility and a more diverse range of awards
   (highlighting innovation, leadership, outreach and those new to our
   - We have a lot of work to do with respect to diversity, while we have
   one active idea with the global travel grant program, the most important
   thing I intend to do is listen.

*3) If there was only 1 thing you could change in the next 2 years what
would it be?*

I really valued the board f2f meeting where the vision and goals of the
foundation were refreshed. It was often my first chance to listen to many
viewpoints in our organization that had not been making sense to me. I wish
more of our members could have this experience, especially the opportunity
to listen and work together.

   - Replace the board f2f meeting with an "OSGeo Leadership Sprint"
   gathering together our board and officers, for a chance to listen, plan and
   work together

Jody Garnett
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