[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Members: What kind of an OSGeo Board do we want?

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Fri Oct 13 10:23:34 PDT 2017

Hey Jeff,

Takes a lot of courage to step up in general, and even more to step up an
apologize in public.


On 13 October 2017 at 08:33, Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com>

> Hi Steven,
> Your questions are great, and I think I tackled most of them in my
> manifesto/vision document.  But I think I did not properly address the
> "what has not worked as well as you hoped?".
> In a job interview this is always a good question, a great way to
> self-examine and openly discuss things that come more difficult for you.
> I think in my case, I let my passion sometimes get in the way of
> professionalism.  This is my downside in OSGeo.  I have so much passion for
> helping the OSGeo community, that I can sometimes come off as disrespectful
> to others in the community (Andrea Ross, Bart, Mark Lucas).   I am sorry
> for that.   If we were at an event right now I would walk directly over to
> each of them now to talk.   I am sorry that my words were disrespectful to
> you, and (in each case) I am sure I was wrong.
> I am sure there are others upset at me, for almost 17 years is a long time
> to work in the Open community.
> I am truly sorry.
> If it sounds not meaningful, this actually comes from my heart.  We are
> all on the same team.
> I support you all as leaders, true leaders.
> I may have failed you in the past.
> I am sorry.
> Steven, thanks for the great questions.  I hope my honest answer helps
> understand me, just one of the many great nominees for the 2017 Board.
> -jeff
> On 2017-10-09 11:12 AM, Steven Feldman wrote:
>> First up my respect and thanks to the 9 candidates that have agreed to
>> stand for a position on the OSGeo Board. https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Bo
>> ard_Member_Nominations_2017 It is a fantastic indication of our vibrant,
>> passionate community that we have 9 people willing to offer their
>> experience, wisdom, energy and most importantly time to serve.
>> Charter members, we have a tough choice to make to select 5 of these 9
>> outstanding candidates to serve for the next 2 years. I thought I would
>> share some of the considerations that will influence my choices when we get
>> to vote, they may help others to identify what is important to them in
>> making their choices and they may also prompt some of the candidates when
>> they write their personal statements/manifestos.
>> We have an opportunity to shape the board in terms of professional
>> background, gender and experience
>>   * The current board is balanced between practitioners/developers and
>>     academics - do we want to maintain that balance?
>>   * Currently 3/9 of the board are women (Anita is standing down, thanks
>>     for your contributions, Helena is standing for re-election)
>>   * 4 of the 5 board members standing down are standing for re-election,
>>     additionally 2 past members of the board are standing for election.
>>     There are 3 candidates who have not served on the board.
>> Some questions for candidates:
>>   * If you are standing for re-election - what roles have you taken in
>>     the last 2 years? what do you believe you have achieved and what has
>>     not worked as well as you hoped?
>>   * All candidates - what role, specific topics would you like to work
>>     on within the board and why? what do you hope to contribute and
>>     achieve in the next 2 years?
>>   * If there was only 1 thing you could change in the next 2 years what
>>     would it be?
>> May the FOSS be with you all
>> ______
>> Steven
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