[OSGeo-Discuss] elections 2017: proposal to postpone opening of the polling stations

Gert-Jan van der Weijden (OSGeo.nl) gert-jan at osgeo.nl
Fri Oct 13 11:21:06 PDT 2017

Dear CRO (and Board Member nominees, and fellow voting members),

In the original planning for the 2017 elections, the campaign week would 
end this Sunday, and the virtual polling stations would open their 
virtual door this Monday.
However, over the last 2 hours our mailboxes have been flooded by a 
large number of mails, that now only answer question posed earlier this 
week, but of course also raise new questions.

To me, two important values of our organisation are openness and 
discussion. The fact our mailing list is called "discuss" is a fine 
example of that!

Therefore, I would like to ask the CRO to extend the campaign week, in 
order for all voter to be able to read all the mail, think their content 
over, form an opinion, and discuss that opinion with others. The 
insights Jeff has brought us today are simply too much too think over 
and mentally process in just one weekend. One has got to have a day off 
with our friend as family as well. don't we?

I don't don't if I ((as a Charter Member) can make this as a formal 
motion, but I'm almost sure that no-one involved in this election will 
object. (OK, the nominees will have to cross their fingers a few days 
longer to see if they will be elected. Sorry for that). All for the good 
of the democratic process and the openness of our Foundation!

Kind regards,


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